Turistlerin Tatil Seçimi Karar Verme Aşamalarında Sosyal Medyanın Rolü: TripAdvisor Örneği (The Role of Social Media in the Decision-Making Stages of Tourists: TripAdvisor Example)


  • Betül AKYOL
  • Yüksel ÖZTÜRK




Tourist behavior, Tourist decision making process, Social media, Göreme national park


Vacation decision making is described as a lengthy planning process involving extended problem solving. Consumers use technology for many consumption-related tasks such as searching for information, purchasing, sharing ideas and experiences, and for entertainment purposes. This widespread use of technology by an increasing number of consumers is perhaps becoming more evident in product categories such as tourism. In this context, social media is paramount in the decision-making processes of tourists. The aim of this study is to examine the pre-travel and post-travel expression of tourists visiting Göreme National Park on TripAdvisor. It is subjected to Maxqda qualitative data analysis program and quantitative analysis with SPSS program. According to the findings, it has been determined that the concepts of historical, natural, nature, church and fairy chimneys are frequently used. A descriptive analysis is come up with for the concepts related to the Göreme National Park atmosphere, demographic features, attractiveness, preferred season, preferred activities and complaints.


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