Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies <p>Journal of Tourism and Gastronomy Studies is an academic, refereed, online and open access journal publishing research, review, and theoretical articles in the field of tourism and gastronomy. The journal is published four times a year. The articles to be submitted should be in English or Turkish. Journal of Tourism and Gastronomy Studies welcomes articles from different institutions and countries. All manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Tourism and Gastronomy Studies is sent to the referees after the initial review of the editorial board with respect to formatting and content. Manuscripts must be submitted in accordance with the style of writing specified in the book of “The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th edition).</p> <p><span style="color: #000000; font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, 'Segoe UI', Roboto, Oxygen-Sans, Ubuntu, Cantarell, 'Helvetica Neue', sans-serif; font-size: 17.4352px; font-style: normal; font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; orphans: 2; text-align: justify; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; white-space: normal; widows: 2; word-spacing: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; background-color: #ffffff; text-decoration-thickness: initial; text-decoration-style: initial; text-decoration-color: initial; display: inline !important; float: none;"> </span></p> Prof.Dr. İrfan YAZICIOĞLU en-US Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2147-8775 Kıtlık Algısının Salda Gölü Ziyaretçileri Üzerinde İncelenmesi (Studying of Scarcity Perception on Salda Lake Visitors) <p>One of the factors affecting consumer behavior is the perception of scarcity. The perception of scarcity can develop due to supply and demand in the context of quantity and time. Knowing the types and effects of scarcity perception also facilitates understanding and directing consumer behavior. To determine the motivations in the behavior of visitors in the tourism sector, it is important in terms of developing and executing appropriate tourism policies. When the perception of scarcity is evaluated in terms of tourism, Salda Lake which is in high demand and is in danger of losing its natural attractiveness, is an important example. Based on this importance, the purpose of the study is to evaluate the effect of the perception of scarcity on the visitors of Salda Lake within the scope of scarcity theory. Qualitative research method was used in the research and interviews were conducted with the visitors of Salda Lake. In the evaluation of the interview findings with descriptive analysis, the number of visitors to Salda Lake by years and the written press news about the region were used. According to the interview findings, as of 2019, the perception of scarcity began to increase in the number of participants and the reasons for visits. It has been found that the year in which the perception of scarcity is most effective is 2020. In conclusion it has been observed that the perception of both supply and demand-based scarcity is effective among the reasons for the visit of Salda Lake visitors.</p> Sevgi KANIGÜR Muhammed DEMİRALP Azize HASSAN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 1 19 10.21325/jotags.2023.1178 The Mediating Role of Perceived Value in the Influence of Online Consumer Reviews on Destination Brand Loyalty <p>Information technologies are rapidly showing their effect in the tourism industry as well as in every field. Online platforms have become a significant channel where consumers frequently share their consumption experiences and take them into account in their destination preferences. If managed effectively by destinations, it can become an effective tool in shaping consumer perception and brand loyalty. According to this, it is aimed to detect whether perceived value (PV) has a mediating role in the influence of online consumer reviews (OCRs) on destination brand loyalty (DBL) in the research. The sample of the research comprises of 315 attendants who visit Istanbul for touristic purposes. Research data were collected with the survey data gathering tool. After testing the data obtained from the attendants in terms of normality, reliability and construct validity, the relationships between the variables were investigated by correlation analysis. In the last stage, the hypotheses of the research were tested with simple linear regression and hierarchical regression analysis. Consequently, the basis hypothesis (H4) of the research, "the mediating role of PV in the influence of OCRs on DBL" were accepted with full mediation influence, and also accepted other hypotheses of research (H1, H2 and H3).</p> Murat ÖDEMİŞ Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 20 46 10.21325/jotags.2023.1179 Turistlerin Gastronomik Akımlara Yönelik Tüketim Eğilimleri ile Destinasyon Memnuniyetleri Arasındaki İlişki: Kapadokya Örneği (The Relationship Between Tourists’ Consumption Tendencies Towards Gastronomic Trends and Destination Satisfaction: Case of Cappadocia) <p>The aim of this research is to determine the relationship between tourists' consumption tendencies towards different gastronomic trends (modernist, fusion and local cuisine) and destination satisfaction. Considering the gap in the literature, it will be valuable to know more about this relationship. To achieve the research objectives, data was collected from 313 tourists in November-December 2022 period. It was found that the relationship between the consumption tendency of tourists towards modernist cuisine and local cuisine and destination satisfaction was at a moderate positive level. %26.2 of the total change in destination satisfaction can be explained by modernist, %11.6 by fusion and 25.5% by local cuisines consumption tendency. It also was determined that there is a difference between consumption tendency towards culinary trends and destination satisfaction between domestic and foreign tourists and between first timers and repeat visitors. Lastly, modernist consumption tendency differs according to the education level; local consumption tendency vary according to the income, and destination satisfaction varies according to the purpose of visit.</p> Nihat ÇEŞMECİ Büşra ŞENER Reha KILIÇHAN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 47 70 10.21325/jotags.2023.1180 Otel İşletmesi Çalışanlarının Örgütsel Sinizm Algılarının İşten Ayrılma Niyetine Etkisinde Psikolojik Sağlamlığın Rolü (The Role of Psychological Resilience in the Effect of Organizational Cynicism Perceptions of Hotel Employees on their Intention to Leave) <p>In this study, it is aimed to determine the role of organizational cynicism behaviors of hotel employees, the interactions between their intention to leave and their resilience, and the role of resilience in the effect of organizational cynicism behaviors on their intention to leave. The universe of the research is the employees of the 4 and 5 -star hotel business in Muğla Province. Convenience sampling was used as the sampling method, and the data were obtained by applying a questionnaire to 419 people working in 4 and 5 star hotels in Muğla Province. The data of the study were collected with the permission of the ethics committee, taken in the decision number 45 of the 8th meeting of the Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Committee of Muş Alparslan University, dated 30.05.2022, and analyzed through computer programs used in the field of social sciences. As a result of the analyzes, it has been shown that the organizational cynicism behaviors of hotel employees have a positive effect on the intention of quitting and on their psychological strength. In addition, it has been determined that the psychological resilience of hotel employees has a negative effect on their intention to leave. Another finding of the study is that the psychological resilience of hotel management employees has a partial mediation effect on the effect of organizational cynicism behaviors on their intention to leave.</p> Nuray TÜRKOĞLU Okan TÜRK Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 71 90 10.21325/jotags.2023.1181 Türkiye’de Turist Rehberliğinin Gelişimini Hızlandıracak Öncelikli Düzenlemelere İlişkin Bir Planlama Modeli Önerisi (A Planning Model Proposal for Priority Arrangements to Accelerate the Development of Tourist Guidance in Turkey) <p>This study aims to find out the priority arrangements needed to accelerate the development of tourist guidance in Turkey and to propose a development planning model based on these arrangements. The research methodology is based on a basic qualitative research design. Criterion sampling was used in the study. Thus, between August 2021 and January 2022, data was gathered from 243 people, including 102 guides, 42 academics with guiding licenses, 52 agency managers, and 47 graduate students. The data from a qualitative survey and individual semi-structured online interviews were analyzed with an entirety approach and manifest content analysis using the MAXQDA program. The results showed that the priority areas to be arranged to expedite the development of tourist guidance can be put into 17 themes in total, including 2 main, and 14 sub-themes. According to the results, the main themes are, in order of importance, conditions of entry to the profession, employment conditions, and professional image development. The analyses also revealed that the participants emphasized most of the following subthemes: Training, assurance, and effective networking of relationships and collaboration. At the end of the study, the proposed planning model was explained in light of the findings, and implications and suggestions for the future were included in this direction.</p> Alaattin BAŞODA Serkan AYLAN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 91 121 10.21325/jotags.2023.1182 Alanya Destinasyonu Rekreasyonel Alan ve Faaliyetlerine İlişkin Turist e-Şikayetlerinin İncelenmesi: Tripadvisor Örneği (Tourist e-Complaints Investigation Regarding Alanya Destination Recreational Areas and Activities: The Case of Tripadvisor) <p>The aim of the research is to evaluate the recreational areas and activities of Alanya destination in line with tourist complaints. The research is important in that it is the first research that deals with the recreational areas and activities of the Alanya destination as a whole. In the research, phenomenological (descriptive) analysis and case study were preferred among the qualitative research methods. The criterion sampling method, one of the purposive sampling methods, was used as the sampling method, and the Tripadvisor website was used to collect the research data. Alanya destination “things to do” tab is checked on the Tripadvisor website; Comments written in Turkish and English, scored as 1 “Very Bad” or 2 “Bad” in the evaluation, were accessed. A total of 1001 comments were reached, 556 in English and 445 in Turkish, with 259 areas and activities under the "things to do" tab of Alanya on Tripadvisor, with 1 or 2 points. The data were defined and analyzed in the MAXQDA code system according to the determined main themes and sub-themes. As a result of the research, it was concluded that the recreational areas and activities that received the most complaints were daily tours, water parks, caves, baths and beaches.</p> Serpil KOCAMAN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 122 143 10.21325/jotags.2023.1183 Coffeescape: A Scale for Measuring Coffee Shops Atmospherics <p>The purpose of this research is to develop a scale to measure atmospheric elements in coffee shops. In the study, the exploratory sequential design method was used. The universe of the research consists of people who visit Starbucks coffee shops in Besiktas in Istanbul. In the study, data were collected from 343 Starbucks customers for EFA and 335 Starbucks customers for DFA. As a result of the research, the COFFEESCAPE scale, which consists of 5 dimensions and 17 items and measures the atmospheric elements in coffee shops, has also been developed with proven validity and reliability. The dimensions of the scale emerged as layout, aesthetics, lighting, service staff and technology. The data collection process of this study for EFA and DFA coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic period and the Coffeescape scale’s first development phase may have caused deficiencies in the expressions for measuring the atmospheric elements in coffee shops. No other scale with proven validity and reliability that measures atmospheric elements in coffee shops has been found in the national or international literature. From this point of view, it is thought that this scale will make an important contribution to the literature.</p> Songül KILINÇ ŞAHİN Savaş ARTUĞER Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 144 160 10.21325/jotags.2023.1184 Günümüzün Yeni Gerçekleri: Sanal Gerçeklik Teknolojileri ve Gastronomi (New Realities of Today: Virtual Reality Technologies and Gastronomy) <p>This study aims to evaluate virtual reality technologies, which are considered one of the major innovations of our time, within the scope of gastronomy. In this context, the study conducted is a conceptual and empirical literature review related to gastronomy and virtual reality technologies. Firstly, technological innovations and virtual reality technologies were analyzed. The historical development of virtual reality technologies was discussed in the continuation of the study. In the final section of the study, the use of virtual reality in gastronomy and how this can contribute to today's conditions were attempted to be clarified. From this perspective, it can be argued that virtual reality technologies can be used as an educational tool in gastronomy, aimed at making people happy, and even as a method to alleviate some health problems. At the same time, it can be considered to help food and beverage businesses in gaining a competitive advantage. It is assumed that the current study will contribute to relevant research and related institutions in the future.</p> Seren BAYDAN ÇAĞMAN Damla BAYLAN KALAYCI Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 161 179 10.21325/jotags.2023.1185 Türkiye’ye Gelen Ziyaretçi Sayılarına Göre Türkiye-Rusya Turizm İlişkilerinin Analizi: 1973-2021 Dönemi (Analysis of Turkey-Russia Tourism Relations According to the Number of Visitors to Turkey: 1973-2021 Period) <p>The economic, social, cultural, and cyclical events experienced by Russia, which has a significant share in Turkey's tourism, both with other countries and in itself are substantial. Since the progresses in these fields affect the tourism activity between Russia and Turkey and plays an active role in the decision-making processes of visitors from Russia. In this direction, the study aims to evaluate Turkey-Russia relations as part of tourism in the context of the number of visitors from Russia. In this research, statistical data analysis based on annual border statistics between 1973 and 2021 was also used besides literature review method. According to the findings, during the Soviet period income increases and constitutional regulations impact positively on the number of visitors to Turkey, however, the flu epidemic affected negatively. Although the immigration wave that started with the 1989 events increased the number of people coming to Turkey, it was not considered a tourism activity. For the period of the Russian Federation, facts such as pandemics, wars, and political and military crises that reduced the number of visitors were determined, unlike income increases. Considering the increasing trends, it was concluded that the brightest era in Turkey-Russia tourism relations was between 2000 and 2014.</p> Ümit GABERLİ Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 180 192 10.21325/jotags.2023.1186 Siyez Ürünü Çeşitliliği ve Çevrim İçi Pazarlanması: Kastamonu Örneği (Einkorn Product Diversity and Online Marketing: The Case of Kastamonu) <p>Türk Mutfak kültüründe önemli yere sahip olan siyez geçmişten günümüze kadar önemli bir besin maddesi olmuştur. Bu çalışmanın temel amacı bir mutfak kültürü mirası olan siyezin, ürün çeşitlerinin nasıl pazarlandığını tespit etmek ve bunu paylaşmaktır. Bu kapsamda Kastamonu ilinde siyez ürünü satan işletmelerin ürün çeşitliliği hakkında doküman taraması yaparak bilgiler sunmaktır. Araştırmada nitel araştırma yöntemlerinden biri olan doküman analizi yapılarak verilere ulaşılmıştır. Araştırmanın evrenini Kastamonu ilinde siyez ürünlerinin satışını yapan çevrim içi alışveriş siteleri oluşturmaktadır. Kastamonu Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası’nın web sitesinde yer alan, “Kastamonu siyez unu ve bulguru satışı yapan firmalar” incelenmiş ve ayrıca “Kastamonu siyez alışverişi, Kastamonu siyez ürünleri alışverişi” anahtar sözcükler kullanılarak 01/05/2022-10/10/2022 tarihler arasındaki tarama yapılmıştır. Araştırma sonucunda 11 adet çevrim içi yöresel yiyecek alışveriş sitesinin olduğu tespit edilmiş ve tespit edilen bu siteler hakkında detaylı araştırma gerçekleştirilmiştir. En fazla siyez ürünleri satan işletmenin ürün çeşit sayısına bakıldığında 37 adet olduğu sonucuna ulaşılmıştır. Araştırma sonucunda işletmelerin hepsinde siyez unu, siyez bulguru ve siyez ekmeğinin satıldığı tespit edilmiştir. Siyez ürünleri çeşitlerinde ise sırasıyla çoğunlukla siyez eriştesi, siyez tarhanası, siyez makarnası ve siyez kurabiyesinin olduğu tespit edilmiştir. En fazla ürün çeşidi olan “Siyez Evi” adlı işletme hakkında detaylı araştırma yapılmıştır. Elde edilen sonuçlar doğrultusunda çevrim içi satış yapan işletmelere, yetkili kurum ve kuruluşlara siyez ürünlerinin pazarlanması hakkında öneriler sunulmuştur.</p> Elif ASLAN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 193 209 10.21325/jotags.2023.1187 The Relationship Between the Festival Attributes and Perceived Destination Branding: A Case Study from Amasya Turkish Cuisine Festival <p>The present research aimed to determine the link between Turkish cuisine festival attributes and perceived destination branding in Amasya destination. Data was collected from non-native university students study in Amasya/Türkiye and participated in this festival. Thus, a touristic perception was sought for people who came to the Amasya destination from another city for education. The participants self-administered the questionnaires via Google form. A total number of 111 usable questionnaires were collected in the survey context. The data was analyzed using SPSS version 23. The statistical analyses show that there is positive relationship among festival attributes (information adequacy, program, staff, festival value, and food) and perceived destination branding. In addition, the respondents’ motivational factors to visit festival did not make a difference on perceived destination branding. The “Turkish cuisine festival” was firstly organized in Amasya and so the current research model was firstly studied in the region. In this respect, this study provides new insights into the theoretical background and procures implications to sector practitioners as well.</p> Mustafa DAŞKIN Kenan PALA Melahat AVŞAR Erol DÖNEK Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 210 226 10.21325/jotags.2023.1188 Bolu İlinde Bulunan Konaklama İşletmelerinin Web Sitelerinin Değerlendirilmesi (Evaluations of Accommodation Establishment Websites in Bolu) <p>This study's aim is to evaluate the information on the websites of accommodation establishments operating in Bolu. Within this scope, the content of the websites of 27 accommodation establishments was evaluated, and information in terms of qualitative aspects was obtained. The study was conducted using the content analysis method, which is among qualitative research methods, and frequency distributions of data were determined. As a result of the research, it was observed that the most commonly provided information by accommodation establishments regarding reservations are their phone numbers and room rates. Information related to the facility, such as the location of the hotel, hotel features, and room features, is mostly provided. While contact information is frequently provided, online forms are only available on half of the hotel websites. Finally, it was found that the hotel-related information is kept up-to-date, but information like search function and multilingual sites is missing. In the conclusion section, recommendations were made for accommodation establishments and for academia.</p> Hakan TUNA Onur Cüneyt KAHRAMAN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 227 240 10.21325/jotags.2023.1189 Sezgisel Yeme Davranışının Demografik Özelliklere Göre İncelenmesi (Investigation of Intuıtive Eating Behavior According to Demographic Characteristics) <p>Nutrition, which is an indispensable part of life, is a need that starts from birth and continues until death. Emotional states of people have an important place in nutrition, which is also influenced by many factors. Recently, eating behaviors have been emphasized in order to recognize and cope with these changes in food consumption according to mood. In intuitive eating, it is aimed that people learn about their own needs and focus on physical hunger instead of emotional hunger. intuitive eating; It is an approach that focuses on instinctive reactions such as hunger and satiety, which provides a broad framework for raising awareness of how our eating habits can affect our mental, physical and spiritual well-being, breaks chronic diet cycles and directs them to a non-diet lifestyle. This research was conducted to examine the intuitive eating behaviors of the students of the gastronomy and culinary arts department. Non-parametric tests were applied to the questionnaires, the first of which was to measure the demographic characteristics of the students and the second to measure the intuitive eating behavior of the students. As a result, when the intuitive eating behaviors are examined according to their gender; It was observed that men ate for physical reasons while women ate for emotional reasons, first-class students were more conscious compared to their classes, and those who spent more than one hour on a meal were more conscious when looking at the time. As a result, more research should be done on the benefits of intuitive eating for a healthy life and it would be beneficial to increase examples with different scale samples.</p> Ayça Sena ÖNALAN Neslihan SERÇEOĞLU Zuhal OKCU Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 241 260 10.21325/jotags.2023.1190 Tüketicilerin Akar Banda Yönelik Algısının Sağlıklı Beslenme ve Satın Alma Niyeti Üzerine Etkisi (The Effect of Consumers' Perception of Mite Band on Healthy Eating and Purchasing Intention) <p>Developments in communication technology diversify and increase the number of advertisements. This increase is usually seen in food advertisements. Food advertisements are one of the factors that affect children's eating habits. Due to their inexperience, children tend to consume the products given in the advertisements. Unhealthy, high-calorie and low-nutrient foods cause problems such as obesity and inactivity. Stream band messages are used to reduce the impact of food advertisements on children and to fight obesity. The aim of this study is to measure the effect of the flow tape application, which started for children, on purchase intention and healthy nutrition. In this context, a questionnaire was applied to 393 families with children under the age of 18 residing in the central districts of Adana province. As a result of the analyzes made, it was seen that streaming tape messages had an effect on healthy eating and behavioral intention was also affected by streaming tape messages. In addition, it has been determined that consumers' healthy eating desires affect their purchasing decisions.</p> Özge ÇAYLAK DÖNMEZ Burhan SEVİM Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 261 278 10.21325/jotags.2023.1191 Comparison Study on Honey in the Islamic Nutrition Culture; The Status of Prophet Muhammad's (Pbuh) and Avicenna's Applications According to Current Scientific Studies <p>Honey is a special food that has a special place in Islamic nutrition culture and is used for the protection-treatment of health in Islamic sources. In the study, first of all, the use of honey for Islamic nutrition, culture and health purposes was investigated by scanning the sources of the Quran, Hadiths, Al-Tibb al-nabawi and Al-Qanun fi al-Tibb. In addition, secondly, the place of honey in today's scientific world was created by scanning scientific research materials obtained from databases. Research data was carried out by document scanning and these data were analyzed by descriptive analysis method. As a result, it has been seen that honey, which has a special place in Islamic culture, has made important contributions to the field of medicine in the past and today. In this context, religious and scientific data overlap with each other. The data obtained from the study were interpreted from a gastronomic perspective and suggestions were made.</p> Tuba PEHLİVAN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 279 297 10.21325/jotags.2023.1192 Tüketicilerin Dışarıda Yemek Yeme Davranışlarında Etkili Olan Unsurlar Üzerine Bir Araştırma (A Study on Factors Influencing Consumers’ Eating Out Behaviors) <p>The aim of this study is to determine the factors that affect the eating behavior of consumers. Eating out behavior; is the consumption of food and beverages prepared and served by a commercial enterprise outside the home, for a certain fee. Eating out has become an important part of today's lifestyle due to the significant growth in the food and beverage service industry, as well as social and economic changes. To reveal the factors that are effective in the eating behavior of consumers, to make product and service planning according to the target audience in terms of food and beverage businesses, sustainability, customer satisfaction, business profitability, etc. situations are important. From this point of view, the relationship between the factors affecting the eating behavior of consumers and demographic variables has been tried to be determined. The participants of the research consist of 296 consumers living in Turkey and eating out. According to the findings obtained from the research; It has been revealed that women are more sensitive than men in all sub-dimensions of reasons for eating out: psychological, sociological, necessity, and economic. In line with the findings obtained within the scope of the research, food, and beverage businesses can provide services in accordance with the expectations of the consumers by planning according to the sociodemographic characteristics of the consumers and the reasons for eating out.</p> Ali ŞEN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 298 316 10.21325/jotags.2023.1193 Offal in Turkısh Cuisine: Example of Adana Province <p>Offal, which has an important place in Turkish culinary culture, is defined as the edible parts of slaughtered animals, excluding meat. Since ancient times, when people began to hunt animals, offal has been a part of the dietary habits of Turks and other ethnic groups. In the light of this information, I aimed to bring together the findings about offal, to reveal the place and importance of Turkish cuisine from past to present, and to determine and evaluate the offal in the menus of food and beverage businesses in Adana. The target population of the study consists of food and beverage businesses located in the center of Adana. It was determined that the enterprises participating in the research operate in the center of Adana and include offal dishes in their menus. Accordingly, a total of 17 businesses that include offal in their menus were interviewed. Content analysis were used in the analysis of the data obtained for the study. When the results of the analysis are examined, it has been determined that the menus of the enterprises in Adana mainly include şırdan (abomasum), mumbar, kırkkat (rumen), tripe, khash, tongue, çürük and brain offal dishes. When we look at the data obtained as a result of the interviews, it is seen that offal dishes have an important place. The fact that both local people and guests from different provinces prefer offal in Adana reveals that offal is also important in the scope of gastronomic tourism in Adana region.</p> Hilal ÖZ Yılmaz SEÇİM Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 317 327 10.21325/jotags.2023.1194 Mcdonaldlaşma Yaklaşımı ve Erzurum’da Su Böreğinin Fast-Foodlaşma Süreci (McDonaldization Approach and Fast-Food Process Layered Pastry in Erzurum) <p>In the last century, the phenomenon of globalization has become the focus of interest of many disciplines. One of the fields of interest of the folklore discipline, which focuses on folk culture, is the cultural effects of globalization. There are three different approaches that aim to analyze the effects of globalization on culture. These are clash of civilizations, McDonaldization and hybridization. In this article, a layered pastry business operating in Erzurum is examined in the context of McDonaldization theory. It has been determined that the layered pastry company, which is discussed in the article, has a high level of compliance with the principles of efficiency, calculability, predictability and control in the operation process. However, it has been observed that traditional values that are not in line with the principles of McDonaldization come into prominence. In the study, structured interview and observation method, one of the qualitative research methods, was used. The interview method was preferred because it is a method that makes it possible to obtain in-depth information about a subject. Observation was used as an auxiliary method. The study focused on a single firm. For this reason, the interview was carried out individually with the founder of the company.</p> Nihangül DAŞTAN Gülhan ATNUR Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 328 346 10.21325/jotags.2023.1195 Türkiye’deki Uçak Temalı Restoranlara Yönelik E-Şikâyetlerin Değerlendirilmesi (Evaluation of E-Complaints for Airplane Themed Restaurants in Turkey) <p>The purpose of this research is to determine online complaint elements for airplane themed restaurants operating in Turkey. In the domestic literature research, no study was found on customer complaints in airpalne-themed restaurants. For this purpose, the data was obtained from tripadvisor, one of the largest travel advice sites in the world. The data obtained were analyzed by content analysis technique, one of the qualitative research methods. The sample consists of five airplane-themed restaurants, and a restaurant's comment could not be reached. In the research, the importance of complaint management on food and beverage businesses was mentioned and it was examined about which issues customers complained the most. A total of 131 reviews were reviewed for the four restaurants. When the overall scores given to a total of 280 comments are evaluated, 64% of the comments are positive and 36% are negative. It was determined in which themes the elements containing complaints were concentrated. Customer comments are categorized under 9 titles as food quality, menu variety, cleanliness, price, atmosphere, professional appearance of employees, restaurant location, meal waiting time and theme. According to this; the most complained factor with a rate of 28.5% is the price. The second complaint is the food quality with 27.7%. Thirdly, service speed is complained with a rate of 12.3%.</p> Emel GÜRCÜ Şehnaz DEMİRKOL Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 347 371 10.21325/jotags.2023.1196 Endüstriyel Mutfakta Çalışma Olgusunun The Bear Dizisinde Temsili Üzerine Bir İnceleme (An Analysis of the Representation of the Phenomenon of Working in an Industrial Kitchen in The Bear Series) <p>This study aims to examine the eight-episode first season of the series The Bear within the framework of the gastronomy discipline. The main problem of the research is how the phenomenon of working in an industrial kitchen represented in series. In line with the purpose of the research, qualitative research method was adopted and document analysis was used as a data collection tool, descriptive analysis and semiotics were used in data analysis. As a result, the phenomenon of working in the industrial kitchen is identified with psychological difficulty in such a way that the “bear” verb indicates “to endure” meaning. In this context, sleep problems, nightmares and problems in social relationships can be evaluated as a result of this phenomenon. Also, working in the industrial kitchen is medium to establish intimate relationships with each other and opportunity to realize themselves for kitchen staff. This is similar to other meaning of the “bear” verb like “to give birth”, “to blossom” and “to fruit”.</p> Ünal Gönen ISLAKOĞLU Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 372 394 10.21325/jotags.2023.1197 Yerel Halkın Ekoturizm Algılarının Demografik Özelliklere Göre İncelenmesi: Amasya İli Örneği (Examination of Local People's Perceptions of Ecotourism in Accordance with Demographic Characteristics: Case of Amasya) <p>The aim of this research is to determine whether the ecotourism perceptions of Amasya local people differ significantly according to their demographic characteristics. The data collected as a result of the questionnaire applied to 440 people living in Amasya were statistically analyzed by means of the Independent Samples T-Test and the One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test. In the analyzes, the statistical differentiation of ecotourism perceptions of the local people living in Amasya according to gender, marital status, age, education level, hometown, tourism education status, occupation and duration of residence were evaluated. Accordingly, it was found that ecotourism perceptions differed only according to the status of receiving tourism education, but did not show a statistically significant difference according to other demographic characteristics. However, although there is a difference in the perceptions of ecotourism among those who receive tourism education and those who do not, it is remarkable that the perceptions of both groups towards ecotourism are above the medium level according to the five-point Likert scale. The perceptions of the participants who did not receive tourism education were found to be more positive towards ecotourism. It is thought that this is due to the fact that tourism trainings are insufficient to emphasize the importance of ecotourism for Turkey, which mainly provides services for mass tourism, the lack of ecotourism-oriented employment opportunities in the Amasya region, and the fact that the tourism promotion activities of the region are carried out more for cultural tourism than ecotourism.</p> Ahmet Gökhan KILIÇ Kansu GENÇER Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 395 414 10.21325/jotags.2023.1198 Türkiye’de Sektörel Bazda Turizm ve Kadın İstihdamı İlişkisi (The Relationship between Tourism and Women’s Employment on Sectoral Basis in Turkey) <p>Women's employment is an important part of women's empowerment from an economic point of view and is of great importance for both growth and development. Tourism development, on the other hand, has a serious potential to affect women's employment both within the sector and in other sectors. In this direction, with this research, how tourism development in Turkey affects women's employment in the agricultural industry and services sector has been tested with the help of various control variables and ARDL and Error Correction Models. According to the results of the analysis made using the data of 1991-2019, it was found that tourism development negatively affected women's employment in agriculture in the short term and positively affected women's employment in the service sector in the long term. In addition, it has been concluded that women's entrepreneurship activities have positive effects in terms of employment in agriculture and service sectors, and high school education does not affect both sectors in the long run. It is foreseen that the policies to be implemented by the policy makers regarding the development of the tourism sector will also support the increase in employment necessary for the empowerment of women. In addition to this, it is important to include practices that support women's entrepreneurship, gender equality and increase vocational training within these policies.</p> Adem TÜRKMEN İkram Yusuf YARBAŞI Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 415 433 10.21325/jotags.2023.1199 Safranbolu’daki Yenilebilir Otlar ve Yemeklerde Kullanımı (Edible Herbs in Safranbolu and Their Use in Meals) <p>In this study, it was aimed to identify the edible herbs that grow naturally in Safranbolu district and to determine the ways of use in cooking. The sample of the research in which the qualitative research method was adopted is composed of 25 people who sell edible herbs in the Sundays of Safranbolu district. The research was conducted face-to-face with the participants through a semi-structured interview form. The interviews were recorded with a voice recorder and the interviews lasted an average of 15-20 minutes. The people participating in the interviews are K1, K2, etc. in the text. it is shown with abbreviations in the form. Content and descriptive analysis were used in the analysis of the data obtained as a result of the research. As a result of the research, 32 edible herbs were identified. It has been determined that parts of herbs such as leaves, stems, roots and flowers are used. It has been determined that herbs are used in meals, in salads, in pastries, in wrapping and stuffing, as well as in raw form and in the form of tea. It has been concluded that purslane is the most preferred herb by the consumers, with the use of some of the herbs for therapeutic purposes. With this study on edible herbs, edible herb consumption will be transferred to younger generations and the culinary culture will be maintained.</p> Saadet Pınar TEMİZKAN Ayşe Nur USLU Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 434 452 10.21325/jotags.2023.1200 How Can Turkey Effectively Use Tourism, A Soft Power, to Deal with Diplomatic Issues: The Case of Turkey-Greek Problem <p>The term "soft power", which entered the international relations literature in the 1990s, has now become an indispensable element of power for almost all developed countries. Turkey, which started to use its soft power at the beginning of the 2000s, still seems to have not reached the desired level, although it has made efforts in this area. However, it is still possible for it to use this power with a tourism tool. Tourism is a vital source of income for Turkey as it is for the whole world. Tourism-oriented cooperation with all countries, especially with Greece, has the potential to solve all diplomatic problems of this country. The aim of this study is to investigate whether it is possible for Turkey to use tourism, which is a soft power element, in diplomacy. This article, which was created by interpreting different articles and statistics, is important in that it has the capacity to shed light on policy makers.</p> Muhammed Burak DAĞKILIÇ Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 453 466 10.21325/jotags.2023.1201 Film Etkili Turizm Kapsamında “Zeytin Ağacı” Dizisinin Göstergebilimsel Bir Analizi (A Semiotic Analysis of the “Another Self” Series in the Scope of Film Effective Tourism) <p>The tourism sector brings with it new needs according to the changing conditions both in our country and in the world. This situation is also seen in researche where different parameters are effective in the development of the sector. Due to the diversification of the market and insufficient marketing activities, institutions, companies and even countries are working on developing different methods other than traditional marketing methods. The assumptions that movies or TV series have an impact on tourism have led to an increase in scientific studies in this area. In our research, semiotic analysis based on Saussure modeling was used as a method. Within the scope of the study, the signifiers used in 8 episodes of 419 minutes in the first season of the "Another Self" series were determined. It was signified that many aspects of the region were shown to the audience through the signifiers in the series. The promotion of the region and the country within the scope of film-effective tourism is important in terms of its impact on both the domestic and international markets.</p> Serap ALKAYA Hande MUTLU ÖZTÜRK Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 467 483 10.21325/jotags.2023.1202 Çevrim İçi Yorumların Destinasyon Deneyimine Etkisi, Turistik Deneyim Kalitesi ve Memnuniyetinin Araştırılması: Çatalhöyük ile Göbeklitepe Kıyaslaması <p>With the widespread use of the Internet, online comments have begun to play an important role in the destination experience of complaints. In the research, content analysis was carried out using the text mining method. The effect of the comments about Çatalhöyük and Göbeklitepe on destination experiences, touristic experience quality and satisfaction were investigated. The dating of both destinations to ancient times is a factor in the preference of these destinations. With the multi-criteria decision-making method, the prominent criteria of the destinations are aimed as "Parking-Safety, Transportation, Environment-Maintenance, Service, Appearance, Historical Meaning". Frequency tables and graphic values of determinations related to determined weights. It has been understood that Göbeklitepe is desired to be visited more than Çatalhöyük. Moreover; that they paid attention to three (3) criteria for Çatalhöyük ruins and they were satisfied. These; respectively, "Historical Meaning", "Environment-Care", "Appearance" criteria. All six (6) criteria defined for Göbeklitepe ruins draw attention. These; respectively, "Historical Meaning", "Environment-Care", "Service", "Car Park Security", "Transportation", "Appearance" criteria.</p> Mete SEZGİN Bilge ARICAN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 484 511 10.21325/jotags.2023.1203 A Comparative Study of Gastronomy Education in Two Culinary Capitals: Lyon and Gaziantep <p>Gastronomy and culinary arts departments continue to hold great importance on a global scale. France stands out as a model for other countries at the higher education level, with numerous private culinary schools that export gastronomy education worldwide. Meanwhile, Turkey has seen a rapid expansion of gastronomy and culinary arts departments at the higher education level, with the number of departments in five universities growing from 2010 to 2023 from 121. In this context, a horizontal comparison was made of gastronomy education provided at the higher education level in Lyon and Gaziantep, both known as gastronomy cities. The horizontal approach used is a qualitative research method that involves comparing education and training activities of two countries according to predetermined criteria. The study examined a Lyon higher education institution that provides gastronomy and culinary arts education at the higher education level, as well as three Gaziantep institutions. E-interviews were also conducted with university representatives. The study analyzed the dates of these institutions, entry requirements, theoretical and applied courses, quality applications, comparisons according to education levels, number of academicians, areas of expertise, among other factors. The findings reveal significant differences in the various institutions that award degrees with the same validity.</p> Ceyhun UÇUK Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 512 522 10.21325/jotags.2023.1204 Sosyal Medyada Yapılan Yiyecek İçecek Paylaşımları ile Yiyecek İçecek Tüketim Motivasyonları Arasındaki İlişkinin İncelenmesi: UNESCO Gastronomi Şehirleri Üzerine Bir Araştırma <p>With the development of social media tools, it is seen that the interest in food and beverages has increased. Foods and beverages shared on social media have become an element that motivates people by influencing people. In this context, the main purpose of the research is to determine whether there is a relationship between food and beverage sharing on social media and the motivation of food and beverage consumption. In the research, the questionnaire form was used as a data collection technique. The surveys created were included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Network program and visited Gaziantep and Hatay cities and applied in 416 local tourists who experienced food and drinks. The primary data obtained were analyzed using the package program. Data reliability and validity analysis and correlation analysis were applied. A statistically significant relationship was found between food and beverage sharing on social media and food and beverage consumption sub-dimensions, which constitute the main problem of the research. Within the framework of the study results, it is important for food and beverage enterprises to actively use social media and produce quality content in terms of promotion and marketing of food and beverages.</p> Erdi SAĞDIÇ Mustafa Cüneyt ŞAPCILAR Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 523 545 10.21325/jotags.2023.1205 Ağırlıklı Olarak Butik Pasta Hizmeti Veren İşletmelerin İnternet Siteleri Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme (An Evaluation on the Websites of Business That Mainly Offer Cake Art Services) <p>Cakes accompany many special days of individuals such as birthdays, engagements or weddings. Cake art, which is one of the varieties of pastry, is in demand by individuals with its personalized designs for today's special days. As in other areas, business owners go to promotional ways to increase their business level. Although there are many ways for promotional purposes, promotion and advertisements over the internet are among the most widely used applications. The aim of this study is to evaluate the websites of businesses that primarily provide cake art service, but also provide cake service, in terms of corporate presentation, customer communication-media relations, service contents and design under 4 main headings. Within the scope of the study, 30 business places were examined. Most of these businesses were chosen from Istanbul because of the majority of the market, target audience and competition. These 30 businesses were examined with 35 different variables and the data were prepared in tabular form.</p> Gül Seda AYDEMİR Alper KURNAZ Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 546 562 10.21325/jotags.2023.1206 Sürdürülebilir Ziyaretçi Yönetimine İlişkin Marmaris Destinasyonuna Yönelik Nitel Bir Araştırma (A Qualitative Research on The Marmaris Destination Regarding Sustainable Visitor Management) <p>The aim of this study was to observe the domestic and foreign visitors coming to Marmaris, to determine their effects on the destination and to offer suggestions to manage these effects in a sustainable way. A qualitative research approach with an exploratory design was adopted in the research. The research design was based on the researcher's diary and field notes. The data of the research was obtained with the full observation technique. The obtained data was analyzed with the help of content analysis. The findings obtained from the research were divided into three themes: “Direct Control, “Indirect Control” and “Physical Control”. Within the scope of these 3 categories, the shortcomings regarding the sustainable visitor management of Marmaris are explained and suggestions are presented. In direct control contact; The lack of up-to-date and accurate explanations about the destination, the lack of information boards and sudden changes in prices come to the fore. Under the theme of Indirect Control, it was concluded that the visitors deliberately did not act sustainably due to environmental, social-cultural and awareness deficiencies. Under the theme of Physical Control, it was concluded that the most important deficiency was that the local governments saw visitors only as a source of income and allowed negative situations that exceeded the carrying capacities.</p> Derya ÇETİNOĞLU Selma MEYDAN UYGUR Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 563 579 10.21325/jotags.2023.1207 Turistlerin Risk ve Güvenlik Algılarının Algılanan Değer ve Destinasyon Tercihine Etkisi (The Effect of Tourists’ Perceptions of Risk and Security on Perceived Value and Destination Preference) <p>It is important to know how the offered goods and services together with the resources are perceived by the consumers so that a destination can compete with other destinations with similar characteristics. Because negative perceptions related to risk and safety caused by the destination can affect the destination selection process and the purchasing behavior of consumers while purchasing goods and services. This study aims to determine the relationship between risk and safety perceptions of touristic consumers with their value perceptions and to reveal the effect of these relationships on destination preference. Determining the risk, safety, and value perception levels of tourists towards the destination is beneficial in terms of contributing to the evaluation of destination services, product planning, and marketing of the destination. The findings of this study, whose data were collected from the tourists visiting the province of Antalya with the convenience sampling method, show that the risk and safety perceptions of the tourists affect the perceived value and destination preference.</p> Ahmet KARATAŞ Seda ŞAHİN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 580 603 10.21325/jotags.2023.1208 Gastronomi Turizmi Kapsamında Sivrihisar’ın Yöresel Yemek Kültürü (Sivrihisar Local Cuisine in the Scope of Gastronomy Tourism) <p>In this study, it is aimed to determine how local delicacies can contribute to the development of tourism in Sivrihisar, a district of Eskisehir. In addition, in order to enrich the content of the study, information on exhibitions, competitions, stands with local specialties, handicrafts, workshops, field events and many other performances at the international Nasreddin Hodja Culture and Art Festival, which has gained international acclaim in recent years, was included. Semi-structured interview method, which is one of the qualitative study methods, was used to collect data in the study.The study was presented as a paper and then updated with interviews with different participants in 2022. Descriptive analysis, one of the qualitative research models, was used in the design of this study. In the study, face-to-face interviews were conducted with 12 women over the age of 45 who grew up with the traditions and customs of the Sivrihisar region and reflected the local culture in their lives, and with the president of the Sev Education Foundation. The recipes existing in the local gastronomy culture based on the interviews with local people were included in the study. We tried to explain the local culture through these recipes</p> Banu ZENCİR Sibel ÖNÇEL Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 604 634 10.21325/jotags.2023.1209 Hediyelik Eşya Özgünlük Algısının Tatmin ve Davranışsal Niyetler Üzerindeki Etkisi: Turist Rehberinin Düzenleyici Rolü (The Impact of Souvenir Authenticity Perception on Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions: The Moderating Role of the Tourist Guide) <p>The aim of this study is to determine the perception of authenticity in purchasing souvenirs of tourists visiting Nevşehir region, to determine whether this perception has an effect on satisfaction and behavior alintentions, and if there is, whether tourist guides have a regulatory role. For this purpose, a research model has been developed to determine whether the tourist guide has a regulatory role on the satisfaction and behavioral intention perceptions of tourists in their authenticity souvenir purchasing behavior. In this model, scalesused in previous studies were used to measure variables. The scope of the study consisted of domestic and foreign tourists who visited the Cappadocia region and participated in guided tours. Quantitative research method wasused in the study and data were collected by question naire technique. The convenience sampling method was used in this study, and 397 valid surveys were collected. The research results revealed that the authenticity perception in souvenir purchases has a significant effect on satisfaction levels and behavioral intentions. As the competence of tourist guides increases, so does the tourists' souvenir purchasing behavior. At the same time, the authenticity of souvenirs, facilitated by the competence of tourist guides, positively affects tourists' satisfaction levels.</p> Büşra GÖSTERİŞLİ OCAK Koray ÇAMLICA Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 635 655 10.21325/jotags.2023.1210 Ulus ve Şehir Markalaşmasında Gastrodiplomasi Etkisi (Gastrodiplomacy Effect on Nation and City Branding) <p>One of the primary topics of international politics is rivalry for the most power. Over time, different forms or tools of diplomacy have emerged to achieve goals and increase the power of countries. Countries that are between superpowers and small island countries and that can be said to have moderate power have to be creative in this regard. This is exactly where gastrodiplomacy was born. Gastrodiplomacy, which is an attempt to influence a foreign country through the cuisine and cultural elements of a nation, is also a difficult-to-imitate branding strategy. In this study, the use of gastrodiplomacy as a tool in country/city marketing were examined and evaluated in the context of existing literature. As a result, it has been determined that gastrodiplomacy, which has the potential to provide significant competitive power to a city or nation, can be evaluated just like the strategies developed for consumer behavior and that it can be maintained with a holistic approach and internal consistency.</p> Nihan Tomris KÜÇÜN Kader KIZIL EROL Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 656 670 10.21325/jotags.2023.1211 Adana İlinin Gastronomi Turizmi Açısından Değerlendirilmesi (Evaluation of Adana Province in terms of Gastronomy Tourism) <p>Evaluating Adana's gastronomy tourism potential from the perspective of tourism stakeholders constitutes the main purpose of the study. For this purpose, semi-structured interview technique, which is one of the qualitative research methods, was used with tourism stakeholders (food and beverage businesses, travel agencies, hotels, university and local government) in Adana. The data were obtained by descriptive analysis. In revealing the gastronomy tourism potential of Adana province; it has been concluded that problems such as lack of publicity, image problems, not gathering gastronomic flavors under one roof, mostly meat and meat products in the menus, insufficient public support and insufficient physical conditions in festival-type events for gastronomy purposes have a negative impact. On the other hand, the cultural and historical texture, the fact that it has fertile lands with the effect of its geographical location, that it contains many civilizations, and most importantly, its unique cooking techniques and use of natural products have also been determined as the factors that affect Adana province positively in terms of gastronomy.</p> Dilek KARAKAŞ Didar SARI ÇALLI Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 671 694 10.21325/jotags.2023.1212 How Narrative Analysis is Useful in Questioning How The Strategicity of a Strategy Comes From? A Strategy-As-Practice Perspective <p>Strategy-as-practices offers a novel understanding for micro strategy research, providing a novel look at how the everyday, mundane human activities in wider society matter for the strategizing of firm activities. By using the case of Starbucks’ failure in Australia, this study suggests a novel method for understanding how the analytic tool of narrative might help us comprehend the structuring of strategy-as-practice. For this, first, we introduce the concept of “outcome-driven narratives of practice” as a relevant and reliable unit of analysis for the strategy-as-practice approach. The findings exemplify that using narratives as an analysis technique rather than just a tool for strategizing within organizations may offer more insights for the field. Narrative as a research technique give us a chance to analyze how strategy-as-practice works in real-life at the intersection of organization-industry-community practices at the micro-meso-macro outcome levels. We propose that, using the introduced technique, organizational practitiners may fictionalize their activities as to become strategies for their competitiveness.</p> Emre ERBAS Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 695 715 10.21325/jotags.2023.1213 Kuşaklara Göre Turistlerin Destinasyon İmaj Algılarının, Hatırlanabilir Turizm Deneyimleri Üzerine Etkisi: Kuşadası Örneği <p>Having memorable tourism experience is one of the significant factors that could affect tourists’ preference of holiday destination. Another factor that may influence tourists’ decision on holiday destination place is their perception of destination image. Since tourism is an abstract human need, the only remaining thing left behind after their holiday is marks of this travel in their minds. Value of such tourism experience, regarded as an abstract product, could be measured by assessing experiences. The extent of memorability of holiday experience of tourists is determinant of strength of destination image because positive holiday experiences would affect tourists’ perception of holiday destinations in the same way. A holiday experience with positive memoirs would be considered as a positive reference for a new travel. Moreover, experiences of individuals from different generations vary from each other. The main objective of the present study is to investigate into the effect of domestic or foreign tourists’ perception of destination image on their memorable tourism experience with respect to their generations for Kuşadası. In line with this objective, study data was collected through a survey study conducted over 390 domestic or foreign tourists visited Kuşadası. As a result of the study, it was determined that memorable tourism experiences exhibited difference with respect to generations. It was considered that exploration of the correlation among the concepts regarded within this study would yield benefits for academic researchers and tourism business managers.</p> Özlem ESEN Ahu YAZICI AYYILDIZ Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 716 741 10.21325/jotags.2023.1214 Turizm Bağlamında Birleştirilmiş Teknoloji Kabul ve Kullanım Teorisi Üzerine Bir Doküman Analizi (A Document Analysis on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology in the Context of Tourism) <p>Unified Technology Acceptance and Use Theory (UTAUT) refers to a theory put forward by the combination of eight different theories and models associated with technology in the literature. The aim of this research is to descriptively examine the existence of UTAUT in scientific journals operating in the international tourism literature in the use and acceptance of technology by using document analysis method. From this point of view, the databases of Scopus, Science Direct, Taylor &amp; Francis, Web of Science, Emerald Insight, Sage and TR Dizin were searched for data analysis. In these databases, articles published in the context of tourism from 2003, the year the theory was introduced, until 2021, were examined. “Unified Technology Acceptance and Use Theory”, “Birleştirilmiş Teknoloji Kabul ve Kullanım Teorisi”, “Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology”, “UTAUT”, “tourism” and “turizm” were chosen as keywords and an article was searched based on these words. In the study, the findings obtained in the analysis are included, and the place and importance of the theory in the tourism literature are discussed in the conclusion part. It is seen that studies based on theory are aimed at explaining tourists' online purchase intention. Some of the main forces of online purchasing intent in tourism are; performance expectancy, effort expectancy, hedonic motivation are facilitating conditions.</p> Gizem DURAN Melis UÇAR Azize HASSAN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 742 757 10.21325/jotags.2023.1215 Bilişsel Uyumsuzluk Kuramı Yaklaşımıyla Restoran Atmosferinin Tekrar Satın Alma Niyetine Etkisinde Algılanan Değerin Rolü <p>It is known that the atmosphere created consciously in restaurant businesses has an impact on many consumer behaviors, from value perceptions to repurchase intentions. Cognitive dissonance, which is a psychologically uncomfortable situation that may be experienced during and after the decision-making process, is effective on purchasing. The study aims to examine the relationships between cognitive dissonance theory, restaurant atmosphere, perceived value and repurchase intention, and to determine the role of perceived value in the effect of restaurant atmosphere on repurchase intention with the cognitive dissonance theory approach. The sample of the research consists of the customers of first-class restaurants with tourism establishment certificate in İzmir. In this context, data were collected from 425 people. The Smart PLS package program was used in the research and the data were analyzed with structural equation modeling. As a result of the analyzes, cognitive dissonance has a negative and significant effect on restaurant atmosphere, restaurant atmosphere has a positive effect on perceived value and repurchase intention, and perceived value has a positive effect on repurchase intention. Finally, it has been concluded that perceived value has a mediating effect on the effect of various atmospheric elements in restaurant businesses on the repurchase intention of restaurant customers.</p> Ahu SEZGİN Nilüfer ŞAHİN PERÇİN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 758 779 10.21325/jotags.2023.1216 ChatGPT ile Sohbetler: Turizmde ChatGPT’nin Önemi (Chats with ChatGPT: Importance of ChatGPT in Tourism) <p>After the industrial revolution, especially with technological advances, modern tourism has reached its current position. The main purpose of this study is to examine ChatGPT (language model program or artificial intelligence robot) in the field of tourism. While ChatGPT is discussed positively or negatively in many areas, studies related to ChatGPT in tourism are limited. It has been noticed that these limited studies carried out in tourism are related to the use of ChatGPT in tourism education. However, there has yet to be a study investigating how ChatGPT will contribute to the tourism operating sectors (e.g., accomodation, transportation, food services, tourism services etc.) and its importance in tourism. This study will contribute significantly to the literature as the first study uses the conversation theory to describe the significance of ChatGPT in tourism. According to the results, ChatGPT has the potential to make outstanding contributions to the operating sectors of tourism.</p> Emrullah ERUL Alper IŞIN IŞIN Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 780 793 10.21325/jotags.2023.1217 Antik Zeugma Kenti Seramik Kap Örnekleri Kullanılarak Yapılan Roma Yemeği ve Duyusal Analizleri (Roman Food and Sensory Analysis Using The Ancient Cıty of Zeugma Ceramic Vessel Samples) <p>Nutrition is the most basic need of human beings and it is often a matter of curiosity how humanity was fed in ancient times. Information about the ancient Roman food culture is obtained from ceramic pots, other cooking pots, food residues, mosaics, reliefs, charred food residues in the pots and written sources. Animal bones and seeds obtained from the finds also provide information about the ancient nutrition culture. Considering the founding feature of the ancient period, studies of this period are important in terms of the continuity and awareness of the food culture. This study based on this theme; The ancient city of Zeugma Roman Period cookware samples were reconstructed by Başkent University Ceramic Art and Application Center in a similar way to the original. The aim of this study is to produce Ancient dishes in accordance with the recipes of Apicius and Cato from Ancient Roman sources, serve in antique containers and subject to sensory analysis by experienced panelists and consumers. In the analysis, appearance, smell, texture, taste and general taste were evaluated under sub-headings. As a result of the analyzes, it was seen that the educated panelists gave lactuca patina, vitellina fricta and libum scores above the average with the values of 7.88±0.74, 7.75±0.62, 7.57±0.68, respectively, in terms of general appreciation according to a 9-point scale. In the consumer taste test, general taste was found to be high with the values of 4.66±0.52, 4.62±0.68, 4.09±1.15 on a 5-point scale.</p> Tulga ALBUSTANLIOĞLU Servet Kazım GÜNEY Nurten BEYTER İlkay YILMAZ Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Tourism & Gastronomy Studies 2023-04-14 2023-04-14 11 1 794 816 10.21325/jotags.2023.1218