Akıllı Otel: Uygulamalar ve Örnekler (Smart Hotel: Applications and Examples)


  • Evrim ÇELTEK




Smart hotel, Smart hotel applications


A smart hotel is an efficient and interactive accommodation facility that uses advanced technologies such as automation technologies and artificial intelligence to personalize and enhance the guest experience. This study aims to reveal examples of smart hotels and their applications in hotels. It is important to identify smart hotel applications and examples to give an idea of how these applications can be used in the hospitality industry, what different application methods can be used, and what the benefits are. The data on the smart hotel examples studied in the research were obtained from secondary sources. A systematic literature review method was used in the data collection process of the research. The selection of hotel examples was based on the use of at least one of the smart technology types.  To ensure sample diversity, hotels using the same technology in different ways or using different technologies were examined. The research identified 57 examples of smart hotels.


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