Bir Sanat Tekniği Olan “Trompe L'oeil’in’’, Gastronomi Alanında Uygulanabilirliği (The Applicability of Trompe L'oeil, an Art Technique, in The Field of Gastronomy)


  • Hilal ÖZ



Trompe l'oeil, Gastronomy, Art, Aesthetic


"Trompe l'oeil," a term of French origin, translates literally to "deceive the eye." This technique used in art aims to deceive the viewer by creating a special visual illusion. Often employed in painting and sculpture, artists skillfully utilize perspective, color, and shading to trick the viewer's eye into perceiving objects in the artwork as real. Trompe l'oeil, by aiming to create a visual deception, has the potential to add depth and realism to artworks. In gastronomy, this technique is also used in the presentation of meals and the aesthetically pleasing display of food. Chefs may employ the trompe l'oeil technique to enhance the visual appeal of dishes alongside their taste. In fields such as pastry making, chefs can apply trompe l'oeil by using chocolate, fruit, or other ingredients to depict or present food in a different manner. This contributes to highlighting creativity and aesthetics in gastronomy. The purpose of this research is to compile, through a literature review, what trompe l’oeil technique entails and examples of its application in the field of gastronomy. The increasing use of this technique in food and beverage establishments, offering individuals a unique experience during consumption, and its relevance as a contemporary research topic in the artistic concept of gastronomy underscore its significance. In this context, it is anticipated that the study will contribute to the existing literature in the field.


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