Turizmde Sürdürülebilirliğin Bibliyometrik Analiz Yöntemi ile İncelenmesi (Investigation of Sustainability in Tourism Using Bibliometric Analysis)






Sustainable tourism, Content analysis, Bibliometric analysis, Web of Science, VOSviewer


Tourism is one of the world's most diverse and dynamic industries. As one of the prominent paradigms in the field of tourism, sustainable tourism continues to be debated and criticized in the literature. The aim of this article is to contribute to the field by examining the trends and patterns in sustainable tourism over the last two decades through bibliometric analysis. The WoS database was accessed and searched using the keywords "*sustain* *tourism*". The data obtained were first analyzed in terms of descriptive characteristics and then analyzed by authors, institutions, and countries in terms of citation counts, co-citation, co-authorship, co-existence, and bibliographic matching analysis types using the VOSviewer program. The results show that research on sustainable tourism has shown a remarkable growth in recent years, with almost half of the research conducted in the last five years. Furthermore, the most common types of articles are empirical studies and critical reviews. The results of the analysis are intended to provide guidance for researchers.


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